pro magnify magnifying lamp with stand1A magnifying lamp with stand is a device that consists of a magnifying glass mounted on a swing-arm type of mechanism that also includes a light source that will illuminate the object or objects that you are looking at through the magnifying glass.  The magnifying glass can be obtained in different strengths of magnification and the lights can also vary in their wattage. There are two types – floor standing, which feature a stand, and desktop lamps that can be fixed with a clamp or have a smaller stand than their larger floor standing brothers.

There are many people that would benefit from using a magnifying lamp with stand. They can be used by crafters and hobbyists, auto mechanics, people that work with computer parts or in laboratories. These lamps are relatively lightweight and portable as well, with table-top designs available as well as models that clamp onto the side of a desk or table.

There are many manufacturers that manufacture magnifying lights – with some of them already being well known for their other products.  A popular manufacturer is FULCRUM and they offer many different models, including a wide range of magnifying lamp with stand.  Their most popular model is the Fulcrum 14420-101 Magnifier Floor Lamp. This slim, elegant and functional floor magnifying lamp will light your work area as well as enlarge your project or reading. It is unobtrusive, yet has features that make it stand out. Its new cold cathode fluorescent bulbs is cool to the touch, energy-efficient and last for over 10,000 hours.

Well-known manufacturer PRO MAGNIFY also produce a magnifying lamp with stand, namely the X-Large Lens – 60 LED lamp. It’s a floor standing lamp that uses highly efficient LEDs to provide natural illumination without heat or glare and greatly facilitate  work. It features a precision polished 3-diopter lens, which provides great, clear magnification.

As with all LED lighting the bulbs both the Fulcrum and Pro Magnify are very long lasting and have a rating of 100,000 hours so they will never need replacing.  These lamps also have a 6 inch diameter lens that is made from crown glass that has been precision ground.  This is the same quality of lenses that are used in prescription eyewear and give the user near-zero light refraction or dispersion.

A magnifying lamp with stand is a great tool for anyone that finds they need to have a larger view of what they are working on and with such a wide range of styles and models to choose from it is possible to find one that will fit into any budget.

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