Reading Magnification Aids

A magnifying reading lamp is essentially a lamp with a built-in magnifying glass that can be used to facilitate reading of small print or details and equally to bring print into better focus for individuals with poor eyesight. If you fall into either of these categories, a magnifying lamp will prove to be useful or even indispensable to you. There are many advantages – magnifying lamps prevent eyestrain. They make reading eyeglasses and handheld magnifiers [...]

Why Fluorescent Bulbs Offer Superior Magnification

There are essentially two types of magnifier light one can use – the Fluorescent Lamp and the Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamp. In this article, we’ll look at the ones that use fluorescent tubes to generate light. These are not just ordinary lamps with a magnifying glass attached. They are precision engineered magnification aids produced for: A wide variety of professional applications (dentistry, philately, entomology etc.). Those suffering from degenerative eyesight problems such a macular [...]

The Magnifying Lamp with Clamp Offers Stability

A Magnifying Lamp with Clamp can be a most useful device, especially when it comes to trying to work on small, delicate work, and the strain on the eyes that people frequently experience. Most handcrafted products actually need a magnifying lamp with clamp to be able to get the work done to a high quality. They are also invaluable to those looking to magnify small text in articles or books & magazines. There are many [...]

May 022011
Pro Magnify Lamp Reviews

Let’s take a moment to review the Pro Magnify Magnifying Lamp. Do you it difficult to focus on close up items, or do you need to enlarge small print or details? Stay with me and I have a really good magnification aid that is going to prove ┬áinvaluable to you. A Pro Magnify Magnifying Lamp is engineering specifically for people with poor eyesight who need a tool for precise hand works like sewing, embroidering or [...]

Magnifying Floor Lamps Review

Magnifying Floor Lamps have become an indispensible tool for many people. Gone are the days when people had to struggle their way to read articles with tiny fonts in the newspapers. With magnifying floor lamps, one can read the tiny fonts or look into intricate details without wearing power glasses and even in the dim light or complete darkness. This is due to the fact that both magnification and light are provided by the lamp. [...]

Apr 292011
5x Magnifying Lamp

A 5x Magnifying lamp makes whatever you are focusing on bigger for you to see. They provide an enlarged view of an object or text with an optical-quality lens. The lenses are designed to help prevent strain on your eyes. This is a simple and effective solution for seeing almost anything better and brighter. Your eyesight will suffer severely spending a lot of time straining your eyes just to make out what you are looking [...]

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