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The incandescent light from a standard light bulb is usually not bright enough to light up the area of focus with “normal” magnification lighting. Which means that small details are not fully visible or small text is not entirely readable. This is where Light Emitting Diodes (LED) come in like a knight in shining armor – they provide an increased area of vision, magnification and increased brightness for the user. It’s also worth pointing out that LEDs offer the additional benefit of sustainability – using less electricity to provide greater illumination means that they are eco-friendly. The higher lumen output from LEDs also reduces the strain on the eyes when focusing on detailed pieces of work.

The LED Magnifying Floor Lamp is developed with LED flood technology to specifically supply a revealing view with its bright and glare-free lights covering a wider area. These lamps frequently feature with an optical-quality acrylic lens that magnifies the objects or text to give a clear view to the users. LED Floor Lamps feature with a large 5-inch diameter lens that offer magnification power from 2X up to 6X and beyond, depending on the requirements of the user. Let’s take a look at some of the better selling lamps on the market:

Fulcrum 12 LED

The Fulcrum 12 LED has become essential. I love reading during bedtime and my problem is I cannot put on the light after my husband is in the bed. But since my husband gifted me this LED Magnifier Lamp, I have experienced a great difference while reading. The Fulcrum only focuses on the point where I want it to be and my husband also can have a good night’s sleep. The LED lights last for ages so the need to recharge is very infrequent. The gooseneck system is so soft that I can fit it to any angle that suits me best. The lamp comes with a high-quality 5-inch diameter acrylic lens for crystal clear optics and an additional powerful 2x optical-quality lens with 6x loupe inset for fine details. This is truly a new era lighting system that fairly is an eco friendly lamp. I just love everything about this lamp. Here are the technical specifications, for those looking for more detail.

• 2X magnification power lens and 6 X pinpoint allows detailed reading, hobbies, crafts
• LED Lights last 100,000 hours – never need changing or replacing
• 5″ diameter lens in high quality acrylic optical lens
• Fully flexible gooseneck adjusts to any position for optimal reading or detailed work
• AC adaptor included and battery powered option with 3 D cell batteries

Mighty Bright 12 LED

I found the Mighty Bright LED Floor Magnifying Light perfect for my knitting work as well as for normal reading purposes. This LED lamp can be slip inside the cupboard or I can use it anywhere around the house. This is a great ease and the longer life of the battery complements it. I don’t feel any regret for the price I have paid for it, as it’s really great value for money – heavy build usually means quality and this Mighty Bright delivers a quality build. I don’t need any other lighting than this to work with and there’s certainly no eye strain while I am using it to magnify text and knitting patterns, even after a few hours of use. This is a highly recommended magnifying lamp powered by some fantastic LEDs! Some specs for the technically minded…

• Stable weighted floor base with no-slip rubber foot pads
• 12 Super LEDs last up to 100,000 hours
• 5 inch 2x magnifier, with 1 inch 5x bifocal insert for fine details
• Large-press on/off button and adjustment handle
• 17 inch flexible neck attaches to 24 inch solid stand

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