Reading Magnification Aids

A magnifying reading lamp is essentially a lamp with a built-in magnifying glass that can be used to facilitate reading of small print or details and equally to bring print into better focus for individuals with poor eyesight. If you fall into either of these categories, a magnifying lamp will prove to be useful or even indispensable to you. There are many advantages – magnifying lamps prevent eyestrain. They make reading eyeglasses and handheld magnifiers [...]

The Benefits Of A Magnifying Desk Light

As the name suggests, this type of magnifying light helps increase the size of the words in the book or newspaper that you are reading as well as the parts of the project that you are completing whilst seated at a desk (stitch-work, soldering, philately etc). A magnifier desk lamp not only provides you with magnification features but it also provides you with precision lighting which helps reduce the strain you are subjecting your eyes [...]

Why Fluorescent Bulbs Offer Superior Magnification

There are essentially two types of magnifier light one can use – the Fluorescent Lamp and the Light Emitting Diode (LED) lamp. In this article, we’ll look at the ones that use fluorescent tubes to generate light. These are not just ordinary lamps with a magnifying glass attached. They are precision engineered magnification aids produced for: A wide variety of professional applications (dentistry, philately, entomology etc.). Those suffering from degenerative eyesight problems such a macular [...]

LED Lights = Brightness and Clarity

The incandescent light from a standard light bulb is usually not bright enough to light up the area of focus with “normal” magnification lighting. Which means that small details are not fully visible or small text is not entirely readable. This is where Light Emitting Diodes (LED) come in like a knight in shining armor – they provide an increased area of vision, magnification and increased brightness for the user. It’s also worth pointing out [...]

Regardless of whether refer to it as a magnifying lamp or a magnifier light, there’s almost no doubt as to whether a light with a quality magnification lens can help lots of women and men in many different professions and finds daily use many different applications. Even so, there’s not just one type of lamp available today. Three separate but inter-related things need to be combined – strength of magnification that the lens can offer (as well [...]

Donegan DA-5 OptiVISOR Review

Essentially, the Donegan DA-5 OptiVISOR is a precision binocular headband magnifier which permits unrestricted user efficiency while reducing eye strain. The principal benefit of  the Optivisor over magnifying lamps  is that it leaves both hands free and allows three dimensional vision. As it’s a headband, it can be worn over prescription or safety eyeglasses. Operation is simplicity itself – put the headband on and adjust to a comfortable fit. When magnification is needed, pull the visor down over [...]

Headband Magnifier Pros and Cons

Taking a look at the various advantages and disadvantages that headband magnifiers have to offer makes it easier to make an informed decision, particularly if you’re looking to spend some of that hard earned money! Some tasks are better suited to this type of magnifier. It’s generally preferred for any work that requires using both hands such as needework, assembly of miniscule components, the creation of miniature replications, jewelry, watch making and model painting are [...]

How Can Magnified Lighting Help With Crochet?

In the art of crochet, the crochet hook dances in and out of the loops, weaving the yarn into beautiful patterns. Crochet requires vision- both creative and biological. Since you are reading this article, you most probably posses the former but are limited by your eyesight. This article discusses lighted magnifiers for crochet as a solution for weak-sighted admirers of the craft. What are Lighted Magnifiers for Crochet? Crochet magnifiers are devices that enlarge the [...]

Tying Flies and Magnifying Lamps - A Great Combination

People in the 21st century are enjoying, with ever-increasing frequency, an outdoor sport that has been popular for centuries – fly fishing. To many, fly fishing is more than a hobby; it is an art. Fly fishing clubs can be found around the globe, with memberships that are steadily increasing. What Is Fly Fishing? The most simplistic explanation would be that fly fishing is the act of using fishing hooks which are embellished with materials [...]

Increased Clarity and Visibility With Magnification

Magnifying lamps are essential for almost anyone, who needs good quality lighting while performing any kind of task. Normal lamps might strain your eyes and lead to reduced performance in tasks. But, the lights that offer magnification are the exact opposite, and serve to keep one alert and increase productivity. These lamps are available easily in the market and come with a standard light bulb for good quality lighting, which makes everything visible. There are [...]

How To Reduce Eyestrain While Reading

If too much reading or strenuous desk work is straining your eyes and giving you constant headaches, then instead of buying a brighter and fancier version of a reading lamp, why not consider investing in a magnifier lamp? It is essentially a magnifying glass with an independent light source. Put simply, a they allow you to see or read bigger and better. There are essentially two reasons why such a lamp is better than a [...]

Who Can Benefit From A Magnifier Lamp?

Have you ever had that helpless feeling that comes with not being able to see something? It is always good to have aids at our disposal in order to help us through times like this. There are just some objects that are difficult to see unless we have some way to magnify them. A magnifier lamp gives us the ability to see these objects when are eyes are not enough to get the job done. [...]

What Type Of Lamp Is Best?

There are a lot of activities and situations where we would need to see things more clearly and with a larger magnification. And the best solution to this problem is a hands free magnifier lamp. However, these come in different prices, sizes, shapes and strengths so choosing the right one can get confusing. Different Types of Magnifier Lamps A desktop magnifier lamp is a good choice to use in the home or office and gives [...]

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